2008 CQWW CW Contest, November 2008

2008 CQWW CW Contest will be held late this month,  a very interesting and the most awaited contest, particularly by the CW mode lovers, as well as by members of Bekasi DX Contest Club, YE1ZAT.

YE1ZAT will be qrv on 10 to 160 m band on this contest.

Hopefully we can get better results, at least we can improve the record of last year.

With YB1CCF as a leader, we YD1JZ, YD1GCL, YC1KAF, YE1AA and YB1KAR trying to manage to obtain the maximum result in the contest.

73, YE1ZAT

2 Responses to “2008 CQWW CW Contest, November 2008”

  1. Dr OM, we have had a QSO today in CQWW contest, but you rcvd
    a wrong call! My contest call was OM4J and NOT OM4JD!
    Pse make correction in your log. 73´s Juraj

  2. Congrats to YE1ZAT for being the BIG Indonesian signal on any band! It’s great also to see more and more YB operators taking part in contests. There were always many YB operators in SSB contests – always the most reliable country from South East Asia here in far Western Europe – but it’s even better to see more and more YBs taking part in CW contests. With more and more operators QRV from Indonesia, and also neighbouring countries like 9M and HS, it makes more sense for us to keep an antenna on Asia rather than just running the USA as hard as we can. Not that that isn’t fun too.

    Let’s hope with Solar Cycle 24 on its way up – not that we noticed it this weekend – we get even more three pointers in the log from Indonesia!


    Gerry GI0RTN (part of the M6T crew in CQWW CW 2008)

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