The times has come, CQ WPX SSB 2009 Contest will be held on the last weekend of this month. The battle of this contest will be very tight and as this contest also in YE1ZAT’s agenda thus we prepared as best as we can. The first target as always, is to beat our own best score and hopefully to achieve any remarkable position in Oceania Zone.

To make this happen antenna maintenance was already done (YD1JZ-Joz, YD1DCF-Boy, YD1ORZ-Rizal, YD1GCL-Dan, YD1LUX-Susana, YC1KAF-Ter,YB1CCF-Yon and YB1KAR-Heri) on the second weekend of February, please feel free to see the photos gallery.

KT36XA and 3 Elm Full Size 40m band yagi as the main antennas for this contest are already in maximum conditions. The result of KT36XA’s maintenance is excellent, YD1GCL and YB1KAR was appointed as supervisor of this duty.

YD1JZ also just have tested those antennas in RDXC Contest last weekend with quite good result, but our full size 80m band yagi was not yet installed for this particular contest due to still have some technical problems. But for WPX , we will definitely install our regular inverted V for other low bands (80&160 M) for transmit and ARAV2 1P for receive.

Lets fire up the band, cu in the contest.

Best 73, de YE1ZAT

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