Review of CQ WPX SSB 2009

Finally our target to achieve better result from the previous same contest was accomplished. With lot great efforts from all crews, we can get better result compared last year result, even still cannot break our own best record for WPX SSB contest (year 2007 : 2039 QSO – score 4.432.128).

We lost about two hours which is indeed very much valuable period at 09.00 – 11.00 UTC on the second day due to bad weather. For us, that was definitely golden moment to have big pile up at 15 M from Europe. Propagation at 40 M also was just moderate, not as good as expected. Low band were almost impossible as QRN was very high for SSB mode. Luckily 20 M and 15 M were quite productive as usual.

This is our first time that we are running contest without complete crews at the same time. First day was only YB1CCF (Yon) , YD1GCL (Danu), YC1KAF (Terry) and YD1JZ (Joz) and at the second day YC1KAF need to leave the team for personal issue but YE1AA (Arief) came at the right moment in the morning. Unfortunately YE1AA also had to leave at late afternoon but later on YB1KAR (Heri) show up after he finished his duty in Bandung city since the first day of contest. For YB1KAR, he felt so regretful to not meet his colleagues YE1AA (SSB master ) and YC1KAF (CW Freak) during this contest.

Maybe all of crews need to refresh again our main goal which is always being together during contest because not only the contest itself is important, but being together as a solid team is definitely most important issue for YE1ZAT.

Thanks to YD1JZ for time and place in using his station where YE1ZAT always “on air” as usual. Also our thanks for YB1EME and YB1NWP who came to visit us during the contest. And special big thanks to YD1LUX for her generous hospitality as a kind host for our activities.

Also very much appreciate to our loyal technician YD1ORZ and YD1DCF who always did good job for station maintenance.

We will prepare and always need to improve again ourselve for upcoming contests. Still our motto in every single contest is : “having fun with hobby, but also try to achieve best score”

Hope to meet you again at CQ WPX CW at end of May 2009, where in fact CW is favorite mode for most crew in YE1ZAT.

Warm regards from Bekasi – Indonesia

Best 73 and Good Luck !!

Y E 1 Z A T

2 Responses to “Review of CQ WPX SSB 2009”

  1. to all YE1ZAT crews, u are so much welcome.I’m so proud to be part of the team,even only in very tiny part.YE1ZAT spirit in Bima station always give me the warm feeling,not just the contest but also the togetherness…

    see you soon in Mei 2009 – CQ WPX CW !!

    73 88

  2. Indeed I don’t disagree anymore.
    Hope that someday I could join in the YE1ZAT contest team.
    Nice setup station and sure nice crew….

    Have a nice contesting.
    73 de Jon.

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