Yes, it sounds too exaggerated. But no better words to describe effort that YE1ZAT had demonstrated recently. In the first week of November 2015, with purpose of getting better performance on both TX and RX, improvement was made on the antenna. To get better gain on existing GA station antenna, 7 elements were installed instead of 4 elements ones that previously served for few months only. Furthermore, the tower that supporting this antenna was also raised from 20 meters to 43 meters


Raising main tower

(Pic.1 : Process in raising tower for 7 El. Tri-banders, viewed from distance)

Preparing 7 El Tribanders

(Pic. 2: Final Assembly of 7 El. Tribanders, supervised by YC1MR, OM Muri)

Another improvement made on the yard was the presence of antenna rotator compared to manual effort in rotating the antenna using tag line on boom tip before. This would in certain introduce ease of operation for team as well as performance enhancement.


(Pic.3 : Main Antenna was completely assembled and raised, viewed from bottom of tower)

It looks like team had seriously prepared the upcoming CQ WW – CW Contest by the end of November 2015.

Herewith the most updated technical information of latest GA installed antenna:


Pic. 4 : 7 El Tribanders and 3 El. Hidaka

7 El. Tribanders (10-15-20 m) @ 43 meters up
Full size 3 El. for 40 meters band @ 23 meters up
3 El. Hidaka – Tribanders (10-15-20 m) @ 22 meters up @ 25 meters up
Full size 80 meters band wire dipole @ 35 meters up


Pic. 5 : 3 El. Full Size 40 meters band

Having this done, will there be other modification might follow? None can tell, since more than adequate room for improvement is always there.

Again … sky is the limit.

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