CQ WW CW 2015

It had been planned before that for the very first time, ORARI Lokal Bekasi (Local District of Bekasi) would participate the contest with 2 teams, YE1ZAT for Low Power and YE1K for High Power. Everything was completely prepared few days before as well as how coordination should be made to prevent interference each other during contest.

Pre-Contest Technical Meeting

On Friday, November 27 2015 @ 16:00 Local Time (09:00 UTC), all team members conducted a technical meeting. Many aspects were discussed herein :

  1. Whether 2 teams would participate in 2 different categories, this was outlined in several options
  2. Strategy and job assignment

First agenda in determining category should be resolved first since this would affect the strategy in the contest. Each of team member involving Old Generation and New Generation raised their opinion to which option should be taken in facing this. This was sort of team’s tradition that has been lasting for long. The good thing was contingency had been organized for any of options.

Technical Meeting 2

Pic 1. Left to Right : YD1DGZ, YC1MR, YC1DPM, YB1KAR, YD1DOQ, YC1ME, YF1DO (explained the strategy)

Voting was taken as way to take decision based on various considerations delivered by each team member. Having considered many aspects might coexist, eventually voting revealed YE1K for contest station with 1 category at this time (Multi-Two High Power).

Target being set by team was minimum 4000 QSOs or 5,500,000 minimum score.

After its vacuum for about 2 years in DX Contest, this was the first comeback of YE1K, merging the skill of Old Generation and New Generation.

Technical Meeting 3

(Pic. 2 Left to Right : YC1NWE, YB1CF, YC1KAF, YD1DGZ, YC1MR, YC1DPM, and YB1KAR)

This technical meeting was not only attended by present contest team member. To express support for contest team, we had a visit from YC1NWE (OM Toto) as one of Board Member in ORARI Lokal Bekasi, YB1NWP (OM Nyoman) as one of YE1K member, and YD1ARM (OM Aris) that became part of YE1K also.

Both YB1NWP and YD1ARM are well known as the most eligible technician here in the team. They had contributed a lot for the team and still actively engage mainly to those requiring technical decision based on their nature and area of expertise.

Within minutes just after technical meeting was closed, YB1PR (OM Faisal) and YB0QA (OM Erdius) came over and shared their experience as well as encouraging all team members prior to contest.


(Pic. 3 : YB1CF explained club station history to YC1NWE, YB0QA, and YB1PR)


(Pic. 4 : YC1DPM led team to pray together prior to contest)


(Pic.5 : Enjoying Sate Kambing and Sop Kambing)

One of the moment that had been waited by all team members was about to come…DINNER. Unlike previous 2 contests preparation at this station, this time we had special menu cooked and served by YD1DOQ, YL Oki who brought all dinner food and stuff from her place. Many thanks, Oki…all that you served were so tasteful, mainly Sop Kambing and Sate Kambing.


(Pic. 6 : YD1JZ, OM Joz (with glasses in front of monitor) explained team regarding tactical things should be paid with more concern, mainly due to Multi-Op with 2 Transmitters to be used was the first time contest category to all team members)



Pic. 7 : Just 90 minutes to go

Many aspects when taking Multi-Two Category should be taken into account. Good thing that YD1JZ and YF1DO managed these (hardware and networking) exceptionally well, days prior to D-Day. We were up to this point, with having all hardware as well as networking passed function test and loop check. What an outstanding job that resulted in outstanding setup. No surprise in Day-1 that would lead to contest disruption in term of hardware failure.


(Pic. 8 Left to Right : YF1DO, YC1ME, YB1CF, YC1KAR, YD1DGZ, YD1DOQ, YC1DPM, and YG1LZO)


Small incident occurred in starting Day-2 of Contest. One of the rig used for contest gear and probably the most demanded gear that this team member like to play with, Elecraft K3 experienced a problem. None of us but YD1JZ, OM Joz had in depth skills in how to explore all available menus and technical aspect of the rig. It happened when YC1ME started to operate this after his rest, he felt this rig behaved quite unusual compared to previous use. Soon afterward, troubleshoot was conducted by YF1DO, and he found that plastic cap at rig’s grounding lug melted and suddenly it switched off automatically.

…EUREKA…having routed the ground line to find the real culprit revealed loosened end point of this line and in contact with switching power supply was the root cause. We then decided to switch off all appliances and rearrange grounding system. Once all grounding system was completed and properly wired to prevent inadvertent contact that undesirable, things were powered up. Gotcha, this beautiful gun was back and normal, except a small plastic grounding lug cap that being melted must be replaced someday.

There was always new lesson learned that team always gained in every contest, this contest was no exception.


(Pic. 9 YD1DGZ and YB1KAR)


(Pic. 10 YC1KAF and YC1ME)

In general, propagation always plays a significant role in any on-the-air activity, and contest was no different situation that being affected. Team thought that 10 meters band was not favorable this time. This applied to all contestants where achievement on 10 meters band was not satisfying though.

This contest ended with final claimed score 5,356,233 of all 3796 QSOs. This was away of target set before.

Claimed Score CQWW 2015

(Pic. 11  Contest Claimed Result)

Post-Contest Technical Evaluation

Led by YB1CF, OM Yoyon, team conducted evaluation immediately an hour just after contest ended. First evaluation was raised by YD1JZ as he actively monitored from time to time the team progress over years as well as each operator progress.

Several things became his primary concerns :

  1. There are still some gaps need to be filled in by this team in the future as he thought that this team should achieve better than what was just gained. Not to mention technical aspects that might differ for each operator, non technical aspect concerning rest management was pointed out also.
  2. Progress of each operator, he delivered his opinion that some of us made good progress in performance but some degraded. It is certainly a human nature, but some affecting the performance should be manageable based on his opinion. Special complimentary was conveyed to YB1KAR as he made an outstanding progress. At the same time, YB1KAR shared his experience why he could manage this better compared to previous contest. One thing to be noted herein that he made absolutely well preparation through practice and exercise a month prior to contest. He led this by real example mainly to all team members. Despite along with YD1JZ, YC1KAF, and YB1CF, he is one of the experience team member, he felt that he still need more practice, practice, and practice, certainly need to be balanced with maintaining health prior to contest.
  3. Knowledge and skill transfer between Old Generation and New Generation Team.

Just like pre-contest technical meeting, each member had opportunity to share their mind related to what we had just gone through and what to improve in the future. For new generation team, as successor of YE1K someday,  this contest was a tool in bridging skill and knowledge transfer from senior. It takes long process for them to be in the same level and cannot be instantly achieved, but nothing is impossible. At least, from this contest, new generation had learned not limited to technical aspect but also non technical aspect that greatly affects end result.

Looking at big picture, very good thing that more Indonesian Amateur Radio Stations took part in this CW contest had evidently showed new enthusiast in enjoying this hobby. The doomsday prophecy that Morse Code is a dying art again…again ….and again proved to be false. This hobby will keep alive and occupying room in amateur radio.

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