CQ WPX RTTY is the first contest agenda for YE1ZAT to take part in 2016. Team went through this event with promising result eventually.

Occupying new room though still in the same building where this station was built, had introduced new spirit to entire team member. At the end of January 2016, following renovation on previous operator’s room, all gears as well as transmission and electricity line hook up were undertaken and relocated to a new room at GA building. Afterward, when this relocation was accomplished, the first agenda was about to come in February 2016, CQ WPX RTTY Contest.

The target being set up was to break previous score achieved in the same contest last year (2015) with same category, Multi Operators Single Transmitter Low Power.

Apart from target settlement by team, one of team member, Danu YF1DO challenged us to reflect on past achievement in 2007 when former team could set Oceania Record 1,580,558 with high power as shown below :

Previous CQ WPX Record

We thought that nice to have it broken at the beginning, moreover this time we went with low power category powered up from an entry level rig Yaesu FT-450 barefoot. So that would be just a dream and we headed up for it but not to be piled on pressure to make it happened.

Three times power outage had been experienced by team, either planned and unplanned. The first one was due to massive lightning strike occurred around station area that forced us to put all electricity breaker off, while the other two were due to outage from electricity network. Those disruption occurred in Day-2 of contest with total loss time of 3 hours and 20 minutes. It was not expected situation indeed while we aimed to break our own record.


Off-Air period due to power outage

Situation was just about to change when we still had hopes upon all disruptions went away. All member’s passion and commitment even though with disruptions that followed, finally brought to the target achievement when at the end of the contest we scored higher than this team gained in 2007 with different category.


YC1MR in action during CQ WPX RTTY

Raw score of this contest result was just published and we will probably break our own record and set new Oceania Record as follow :

Raw Score Oceania Multi-Single Low 2016 CQ WPX RTTY

It was still just a raw score, and we will look forward to upcoming final score published, anyway. However, based on previous result and experience, the standings will not change significantly despite of potential change in actual score upon final review.

Below was situation when team enjoyed “nasi uduk” as breakfast after contest ended


Pic : Enjoying Breakfast

Other than complimentary to all operators involved, special thanks need to be conveyed to Kasmuri YC1MR, Oleng YD1OLG, and Rizal YD1ORZ for hooking up 7 elements tribanders and 3 el full size that made our FT-450 barefoot power efficiently transmitted very well. This entry level rig with all its limitation really talked a lot than ever been expected 🙂


Left to Right : YC1ME, YC1MR, YF1DO, YD1DGZ, YC1DPM

Now we believe that efficient antenna is the most powerful amplifier and play big role in a successful communication.

Heads up for upcoming CQ WPX SSB in March 2016.

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