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Yes, it sounds too exaggerated. But no better words to describe effort that YE1ZAT had demonstrated recently. In the first week of November 2015, with purpose of getting better performance on both TX and RX, improvement was made on the antenna. To get better gain on existing GA station antenna, 7 elements were installed instead of 4 elements ones that previously served for few months only. Furthermore, the tower that supporting this antenna was also raised from 20 meters to 43 meters


Raising main tower

(Pic.1 : Process in raising tower for 7 El. Tri-banders, viewed from distance)

Preparing 7 El Tribanders

(Pic. 2: Final Assembly of 7 El. Tribanders, supervised by YC1MR, OM Muri)

Another improvement made on the yard was the presence of antenna rotator compared to manual effort in rotating the antenna using tag line on boom tip before. This would in certain introduce ease of operation for team as well as performance enhancement.


(Pic.3 : Main Antenna was completely assembled and raised, viewed from bottom of tower)

It looks like team had seriously prepared the upcoming CQ WW – CW Contest by the end of November 2015.

Herewith the most updated technical information of latest GA installed antenna:


Pic. 4 : 7 El Tribanders and 3 El. Hidaka

7 El. Tribanders (10-15-20 m) @ 43 meters up
Full size 3 El. for 40 meters band @ 23 meters up
3 El. Hidaka – Tribanders (10-15-20 m) @ 22 meters up @ 25 meters up
Full size 80 meters band wire dipole @ 35 meters up


Pic. 5 : 3 El. Full Size 40 meters band

Having this done, will there be other modification might follow? None can tell, since more than adequate room for improvement is always there.

Again … sky is the limit.

CQ WW SSB 2015

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YE1ZAT again took part in CQWW SSB Contest 2015 from station in Grin Area, Tambun. Some troubles with contest gears occurred within contest period 24-25 October 2015.

Day-1 (24 October 2015)

Achievement up to first 8 hours evidently described the actual situation when only 100 QSOs could be managed following problem with tribanders antenna. In spite of propagation was favorable on 15m band during first 8 hours where QSOs were focused on DX station in north, however, above condition would not much help unless main problem was sorted out.

Upon all team members felt that something went wrong with current installed tribanders antenna, meanwhile that was not a good time to transmit on 40m, YE1ZAT contest coordinator Danu, YF1DO decided that game plan should be changed immediately by rectifying main root cause as soon as possible.

Soon afterward, Muri, YC1MR came with his crew along with some materials required to build new antenna for 10-15-20 meters band. Contest should move on, no matter problem still existed and not being rectified at the time. In order to maintain contest continuation, while some repairs were conducted on main antenna, team worked together in assembling temporary antenna.

CQWW SSB 2015_1

(Pic. 1: Emergency antenna preparation while main antenna required some repairs during contest)

This new temporary antenna was installed no higher than 6 meters above ground and certainly not much to be expected from kind of installation for DX purpose.

CQWW SSB 2015_2

(Pic. 2: Repair process on main antenna)

Problem seemed would not end, at around 12.00 UTC in the first day of contest (19.00 local time), power outage occurred in the station and surroundings resulted from electricity network trouble followed by computer hardware problem once power resumed to normal. This unwanted situation at least impacted to QSOs achievement.

Having 24 hours of contest in Day-1, team could only manage up to 267 QSOs, for sure this was not a good achievement.

Day-2 (25 October 2015)

Based upon what had been achieved in Day-1 of contest, it looked like impossible to meet number of QSO target that was setup during technical meeting few days prior to contest. During technical meeting, senior contest team member that also Station Owner Joz, YD1JZ and Contest Coordinator Danu, YF1DO during their briefing had set minimum 1000s QSO should be achieved by New Generation of YE1ZAT.

Team started Day-2 with very big gap to fulfill, it was not an easy job though.

CQWW SSB 2015_3

(Pic. 3: A visit from Senior Team Member Yoyon, YB1CF in Sunday Morning. Left to right : YD1DOQ, YB1CF, YC1ME, YD1DGZ, YC1DPM)

CQWW SSB 2015_4

(Pic. 4: Support conveyed by Dagun, YC1ARA and Hendrik, YD1CPP in Sunday Morning. They also brought special coffee well known here as “Luwak Coffee”. Left to Right : YC1DPM, YC1ARA, YD1DGZ, YC1ME, YD1CPP, and YD1DOQ)

Again and again, in Day-2, self same problem concerning power outage started to occur at 04.00 UTC (11.00 local time) with more severer impact than it was in previous day. The problem impacted to computer monitor to PC communication failure and some interface configuration change resulted in computer aided system deficiencies. This in turn led to manual logging system must be undertaken for few QSOs

With all gaps above, approximately 4 hours downtime required to cure the problem. Once all problems were completely rectified as well as logging system at 10.00 UTC (17.00 local time), team could only manage 483 QSO and had only 14 hours left to accomplish the contest with target to be met.

Given remaining time available, extraordinary efforts in meeting the target seemed to be possible when finally team could manage 803 QSOs at 14.00 UTC (21.00 local time), and just requiring 197 more QSOs.

CQWW SSB 2015_5

(Pic. 5: Sunday night local time with 10 hours remaining prior to end of contest)

Final Result

Antenna troubles, computer monitor problem, interface communication failure, and power outage were all finally manageable but point of concern herein was team spirit to achieve target being set. It was definitely nothing without willingness and commitment until finally at the end of entire contest duration, team could accomplish 1012 QSOs with claimed score 869,760.

No matter the result would be for this contest, considering all difficulties had been experienced by team, one thing that needed to be pointed out was related with spirit to fill some gaps as well as continuing the game under difficult situation. This was primary concern, and team had demonstrated it exceptionally well.

None who visited team’s station at the time would think that this target could be achieved after team experienced all consecutive troubles mentioned above during contest. Spirit and commitment would eventually take all, supported by good team work, hence things became possible.



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It has been about a year since past 2014 CQ WW SSB Contest, when all gears required for contesting were setup in ORARI Lokal Bekasi (Indonesia Amateur Radio Organization – District of Bekasi) Office. Since then, none of YE1ZAT Contest activities were operated from this office. Significant local noise encountered was considered to be main contributing factor, why this should become primary concern by team member.

Further, after having series of discussion involving YE1ZAT’s former team member, one of senior team member Joz, YD1JZ allowed his personal property to be utilized for next YE1ZAT activities with primary concern for DX-ing and of course contest. Proposed new station described herein is located in a location with more than adequate space for practice as well as getting rid off man made noise. This would certainly be good news considering continuation of YE1ZAT activities as well as providing facilities for new hams in shaping their learning curve.

Mobilization and Construction

Once all resources were completely managed and organized, led by Danu, YF1DO as present YE1ZAT Team Leader, required materials were mobilized from workshop owned by Muri, YC1MR to this new station location that well known as GA (basically taken from previous business unit name Grin Area, that was based at this facility) .

After spending several hours in constructing and erecting new antenna, this new station was completely setup eventually on Friday, September 18th, 2015 comprises 2 antennas ( dipole on 40m band and 4 elements tribanders 10-15-20 m bands).

GA 4 El. Tribanders

 40m Dipole

Nothing so fancy on this newly hooked up antennas though, moreover, these were composed from already available materials in Muri, YC1MR’s workshop. Meanwhile, to bear at certain direction, both antennas are still relying on manual rotation by means of a tag line attached onto boom tip.

However, man behind the gun would be the key and plays role under any circumstances, and hopefully with this newly built contest station, practice and skill enhancement mainly to those related with amateur radio activities especially for YE1ZAT Team Member may be started and sustained.

Station Quick Performance Test

Resulted test performance conducted afterward, had proven that noise was greatly reduced compared against the one being setup in the former station. This performance test result was certainly a leading indicator for expected better outcome in upcoming DX Contest.

Furthermore, it must be noted, that contest is not the only activity accommodated by YE1ZAT. Club station’s activity is not limited only to contest, but also all aspects outlining skill enhancement of Bekasi Amateur Radio, and this station would certainly further facilitate the needs.      

First DX Contest at New Station 

Finally, the real test in contesting was about to come. A week after things being accomplished including minor adjustment, team had a chance to participate 2015 CQWW RTTY Contest under Multi Operator – Low Power Category ( September, 26 – 27, 2015 ).

While contesting activity kept moving on, other team member also took this opportunity in having digital operation knowledge share from present YE1ZAT “skipper” OM Danu, YF1DO. He took this opportunity to share his experience in digital operation to YE1ZAT Team Member, not limited to operating skill, but also how to properly setup software and hardware in digital. Even during sharing session, a ham fellow from Lokal Karawang (other district) Hadi, YD1DTE had this rare opportunity and taking part in this session.

Knowledge Share by YF1DO

Above picture shows how sharing session took place during contest. (from left to right : YD1DGZ, YF1DO-pointing his finger on screen, YC1DPM, and ham fellow from Karawang YD1DTE). This session demonstrated one of Amateur’s Code is “FRIENDLY” : He operates slowly and patiently when requested; offers friendly advice and counsel to the beginner; kind assistance, cooperation and consideration for the interests of others. These are the marks of amateur spirit.

At the end of contest, YE1ZAT achieved promising result in this category by having total claimed score 1,026,564.



Good station and location, as well as outstanding result obtained during first contest participation in newly reinstated facility will certainly be nothing unless team member’s spirit and enthusiasm are sustained. The new challenge has just begun, indeed.

Contest Operators :

YB1NWP (Nyoman), YF1DO (Danu), YD1DGZ (Hendar), YC1MR (Muri), YC1DPM (Awi), YC1ME (Mawan), YD1DOQ (Ida), YG1LZO (Sawo), YD1DRP (David), YD1ORZ (Rizal), YD1ARM (Aris), and YD1OLG (Oleng)



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seanet trophy

CQ WW SSB 2014

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Next generation for YE1ZAT !!


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Seanet 2014 Convention will be held in Bali – Indonesia  on November 2014. Please visit official website at for further information.

YE1ZAT is participating in SEANET contest 2014 with class of Multi operators with team :


Not too many participants in this contest where also in the same time with IARU Reg 1 Field day where lot of mix up during making QSO during the contest. But as it is contest, as usual we all are always enjoying it.

Thanks for all contacts and hope to meet you again in other contest !



YE1K – CQ WPX 2014 – CW – 24-26 May 2014

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Teams are :


Contest was over with happy ending for the team. We have achieved the target to make highest score to put our callsign YE1K as “All Time Record” for Indonesia.

Thanks to all amateur radio who had made contact with us and hope to meet you again at other contest.

SCORE IMG_20140524_164223IMG_20140524_164300 IMG_20140524_164414  IMG_20140524_164143 IMG_20140524_161519 IMG_20140524_161339 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1