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As the contest end we achieved the result as per previous posting, yes unfortunately we were not break our own record.

Not for excused but there some problems, the biggest is the power line not enough to handle our  amplifier, so almost half time running bear foot and the peak power was 300 watts also it seems the propagation not quiet good, opening to JA as usually our primary contact not as we predicted.

As per or log not so much station from YB-Land, the list in our log are YC6EI, YC2WMD, YB9WZJ, YB8EXL, YB1LZ, YB0NDT and it seem no others club station on the air in this contest.

Some pictures to explain the  contest situation.


QSO per band


Qso rate per Band

Qso rate per hours.

See you in the next contest.


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CQ WW DX CW 2008

Band    QSOs      Pts    Cty   ZN
1.8          8        19      7      4
3.5        180      522    45    17
7           815    2407    71    25
14       1239    3647    81    35
21         600    1766    66    21

Total    2842   8361  270  102

Score: 3,110,29

2008 CQWW CW Contest, November 2008

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2008 CQWW CW Contest will be held late this month,  a very interesting and the most awaited contest, particularly by the CW mode lovers, as well as by members of Bekasi DX Contest Club, YE1ZAT.

YE1ZAT will be qrv on 10 to 160 m band on this contest.

Hopefully we can get better results, at least we can improve the record of last year.

With YB1CCF as a leader, we YD1JZ, YD1GCL, YC1KAF, YE1AA and YB1KAR trying to manage to obtain the maximum result in the contest.

73, YE1ZAT

Story of YE1ZAT – Bekasi DX Contest Club

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YE1ZAT – Bekasi DX Contest Club Station, short brief in Indonesia Language. (English version will be available soon)